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"When I decided to take up cake decorating as a hobby, Lika was my first instructor. She continued to teach me through all the Wilton courses. I enjoyed being her student because she had a patient manner and explained the lessons clearly. I remember covering my first cake in fondant and having such a hard time. Lika guided me through it until I was comfortable with the medium. Now, fondant is my preferred medium with which to cover cakes. Because I had such a great start learning from Lika, I am 7 years into cake decorating and I love it." - Judy Fauteux, winner of "Cake Walk: Wedding Cake Edition"

"I had the opportunity of signing up for some Wilton cake decorating classes with Lika at Ice A Cake and had a tremendous experience which I will never forget. She is an amazing teacher, patient and attentive to the needs of her students. Her passion for teaching and professionalism is evident in the manner she trains them.The “homely” atmosphere made the classes enjoyable and I would highly recommend Ice A Cake to anyone looking for a place to start cake decorating or to improve on skills. I am able to decorate a cake with more confidence now than ever before. Thank you Lika for inspiring us!" - Anne de Silva, 2012

"I liked everything about your cake decorating classes. The pace, location, teaching method, instructor's patience and skill." - Joyce, 2007

"I liked everything about your cake decorating classes. When I took the first course, I enjoyed it so much that I took the whole program. Lika is an excellent instructor, with exceptional teaching skills. She is patient, take the time to show each student what to do. She brings out the creativity in each student.I had a wonderfull learning experience with Lika and highly recommend Wilton courses at Ice a Cake. Thank you so much Lika." - Lise

"After taking a few classes at Ice A Cake Scarborough, I mastered all the techniques learned in the class. I decorated my daughter's first birthday cake. I got lots of reviews from everyone who attended the party." - Jeba, 2007

"I made this for Sureen's nephew's birthday, Girish, last night. Kids loved it, thanks to you, Lika." - Anita, 2007

"Lika is an excellent instructor. She takes the time to show each person what to do before continuing on to her next lesson. Lika has a wonderful rapport with her students. Her ability to connect with her students and her teaching skills are exceptional. My daughter and I had a good learning experience at Ice A Cake" - Gnei and Sithy, 2003

"I would like to thank Lika Zowmi so much for making a dream of mine come true. Lika thank you so much or teaching me your knowledge on cakes your truly amazing I always have so much fun in your classes I ways look forward to the next courses and now when I make cakes I'm so proud of them thanks to you and all you have taught me. Here is a picture of one of my cakes that I've made in class." - Kimberly Brito, 2012

"Here are some pics I took of my cakes. Thank you so much. Without your help, I could not have made these." - Peiling, 2007

"I'm glad that I signed up for cake decorating classes at Ice A Cake. I got the opportunity to learn a lot about cake decorating in detail from a well-experienced teacher." - Vasantha R., 2006

"I absolutely loved every minute of my experience in all the classes I took at Ice a Cake. Lika is one of the best teachers I have ever had!" - Carolyn Holmes

"Check out my recent cakes. Now I work at Metro as a cake decorator, thanks to Lika" - Rojini, 2011

"Great course! Teacher's demonstration, assistance with techniques and detailed explanation led me to become a better decorator and start my own business. Thank you, Lika." - Suba, 1998

"Reflecting upon my learning experience, I feel that I have developed several techniques and improved my overall decorating skills. For example, I learned to create a variety of flowers using royal icing. I also learned to work with rolled fondant icing. As my instructor, Lika always arrived on time and was very clear with her instructions. She was also very approachable and maintained a very friendly working environment for the students. Overall, I had a wonderful learning experience with Lika and would highly recommend wilton courses at Ice A Cake." - Yogarani, 2002

"Lika was my instructor at the Danforth Collegiate. I took a cake decorating class in the winter of 2005 with the Learn for Life program with the Board of Education. I enjoyed so much and continued with the whole program at Ice A Cake. Lika is an excellent instructor. I encourage the new students not to be afraid and just keep practicing. Your family and your friends will become your helpers and your audience when it comes to designs. I wish Lika all the best. Happy decorating." - Patricia, 2005

"I really enjoyed your classes and I learned alot of tips. It will definitely help me with my cake business!" - Pari

"I absolutely loved Lika’s way of teaching; she motives the students to learn and has lots of patience in teaching. When I attended the classes, I learned something new. I took this course because my passion is creating and decorating cakes, especially children cakes." -Maria Herrera, 2005

"With pleasure...Thanks to Lika's skillful, thorough and PATIENT teachings, in a few short lessons I went from very limited decorating experience to making some wonderful creations! She provides an environment that makes learning easy and fun. I look forward to continuing taking further classes with her" Mary Salvatore 2012

"I took 3 courses with Ice a Cake and enjoyed it. I learnt a great deal from Lika and coming to Ice a Cake was a great way not only to learn cake decorating techniques but also meeting new people with a passion for the same thing. Lika is a patient and knowledgeable teacher with lots of ideas to share. Here are a few cakes I did for my friends and family" Avral Traves 2014

Hi Lika, Here is a picture of my completed cake :)I also wanted to say that I am glad that I joined your classes. I learnt a lot, as I have never ever made icing before nor have I decorated. You are a nice and pleasant person and it's a pleasure to have met you.

Thank you, Renuka - 2014