New Workshops

All materials are provided 


Tall Cakes  $125,00

The main focus of this workshop is to achieve clean sharp edges and a smooth finish on a 6-layer tall cake. Learn to make different icing in each workshop. working with real cakes

4 hours

Palette Knife Painting $175.00

A new trend in the cake decorating world - painting with chocolate. Learn to make a perfect batch of chocolate to sculpt beautiful petals and step by step guide to create the design as shown

4 hours


All About Texture $175.00

Working with square cakes in this class. Aged stone texture using fondant, Bas relief, smoke, and ashes will be taught. Transparent edible sails complete the look

5 hours

Korean Beanpaste Flowers $150.00

Vegan Icing !!

Make a perfect batch of Korean Beanpaste in class.

These piped flowers are creamy and smooth yet easy to handle when decorating.

4 hours


Baking: Cookie Cake $125.00

Learn the perfect recipe for the cookie cake

and decorate with buttercream piping and edible decorations shown in the picture below

4 hours

Baking: Flavoured Sponges $175.00

Learn the art of baking. In this class, 4 different flavored sponges and 2 different icings will be taught.

Vanilla- Bean, Chocolate-Espresso, Red Velvet, and Pistachio flavored sponges and American buttercream and Cream-Cheese icing will be covered.

5 hours


Baking: French Macaroons $125.00

Bake 3 different flavors of french macaroon in class and take- home with you

Flavors are Strawberry, Bischof and Pistachio 

3.5 hours