In addition to our certified courses, we offer one-day workshops.

All materials are provided for these workshops:


Tall Cakes  $125,00

The main focus of this workshop is to achieve clean sharp edges and a smooth finish on a 6-layer tall cake. Learn to make different icing, Swiss Meringue buttercream, Or Chocolate Ganache in each workshop. working with real cakes

4 hours

Chocolate Palette Knife Sculpting $175.00

A new trend in the cake decorating world - painting with chocolate. Learn to make a perfect batch of chocolate to sculpt beautiful petals and step by step guide to creating the design as shown

4 hours


All About Texture $175.00

Working with square cakes ( Dummies) in this class. Aged stone texture using fondant, Bas relief, smoke, and ashes will be taught. Transparent edible sails complete the look

5 hours

Korean Beanpaste Flowers $150.00

Vegan Icing !!

Make a perfect batch of Korean Beanpaste in class.

These piped flowers are creamy and smooth yet easy to handle when decorating.

4 hours


Baking: Cookie Cake $125.00

Learn the perfect recipe for the cookie cake

and decorate with buttercream piping and edible decorations shown in the picture below

4 hours

Baking 101 - Flavoured Sponges $175.00

Learn the art of baking. In this class, 4 different flavored sponges and 2 different icings will be taught.

Vanilla- Bean, Chocolate-Espresso, Red Velvet, and Pistachio flavored sponges and Smooth vanilla buttercream, Stable Cream-Cheese icing, Shortbread Crumble, Chocolate Espresso Crumble will be covered.

5 hours


Baking: French Macaroons $125.00

Bake 3 different flavors of french macaroon in class and take- home with you

Flavors are Strawberry, Bischof and Pistachio 

3.5 hours

Designer Handbag Workshop $150.00
Learn the art of carving a real cake. Students work with a 4-layer cake to create a handbag as shown 

4 hours.


Tiered Cakes and Latest Fondant Trends $175.00​ 

This workshop includes making sugar-sheets from scratch, correctly applying edible images on cakes, making isomalt topper, airbrushing, doweling, and cake stacking. We will also discuss everything you need to know about wedding cakes, including the fondant measurement guide, the cake serving guide, transportation of cakes, cake pricing, and more.

5 hours

thumbnail_image0 (1).jpg

Rice Paste Rose Workshop $ 150.00

Rice Paste is a new medium in the sugar flowers world! Yet hard to find a place to learn. Create 

This flexible paste is easy to work with as flower petals won't break easily. Learn to create timeless Rose, Rosebud, and Rose Leaves in detail. How to make rice paste from scratch will be demonstrated in class.

5 hours 

High-heel Shoe $125.00 

Learn how to create a stunning edible cake topper. You get to decorate according to your taste or replicate a brand name style. "Panelling method" is used to cover the bottom cake ( dummies used in class) with fondant Terrazzo texture is used to create the Shoebox and add edible tissues to complete the look

 4 hours


Mixed Media Workshop $150.00

Learn wafer paper conditioning, alcohol-free painting, and how to create edible lace from scratch. This class also covers how to make edible gum paste peony flower.

5 hours


Geode Cake $125.00

Construct a beautiful geode cake topper, and learn to sculpt cakes to display your work. This one-day workshop will involve techniques including sugar work, isomalt, and more.

4 hours

thumbnail_image2 (1).jpg

Sweet Table Workshop $99.00

In this class, master the techniques of cake pop making and decorating, creating chocolate-covered Cakesicles, Rice Krispies, Oreos, and hot chocolate bombs to create the sweet table of your dreams.  

3 hours


Fun with Cookies $99.00

Learn how to make a perfect batch of royal icing and get the right consistency for cookie decorating. Decorate 7 different designs to take home with you

3 hours.

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